About Peter Farrow

Peter Graduated from the University of Leads in 1989 with a first class honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and won the EEV prize for the best Telecomunications project that year, he worked for the UK ministry of defence whilst studying for his degree working in the superintendency of electronic techniques. His prize winning project was using an unmodified VHS VCR to record and playback 16 bit high quality digital audio.

Upon graduation he joined the BBC, working in the special projects division of the world famous BBC natural history unit. He attended the BBC academy and gained a further degree in broadcast and audio engineering.

After leaving the BBC, he joined Cyrix, a CPU design company and was involved with the design of the fastest CPU of that era the 6x86.

After leaving Cyrix he started a successul IT consultancy and ISP business which continues to serve high end clients such as Mercedes Benz. He also started a production company which he moved to Dubai, which has made TV shows for various high profile channels world wide, including Will Smith's bucket list.

He started English acoustics in 2018 with Jordan Jackson, using his experience and knowledge to design world class valve amplifiers.