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Leak Valve Amplifier Restoration

When it comes to restoring a Leak valve amplifier, whether it’s newly acquired or a family heirloom, we at English Acoustics leave nothing to chance.

We offer full, bare-metal restorations for all Leak valve amplifiers. We’ll replace all the components and sandblast the whole chassis and transformer endcaps back to bare metal. Next, the original metal welds are then seam welded and ground smooth.

Finally the chassis is finished in an automotive grade metallic paint by our professional painters and polishers.

We even replace the decals to match the original ones and this, like the paint, can be finished in any colour you desire. It’s also worth noting that we have very close metallic matches for both of the original gold, black and grey colours, and can even replace the mains and output transformers with upgraded versions should they need to be changed.

An extensive overhaul includes:

• Replacing the phono connectors with Neutrik gold plated connectors
• Replacing the AC outlet with a digital hour meter
• Replacing all valve sockets with ceramic/gold plated sockets
• Replacing the old fuse holder with a modern equivalent and adding an illuminated power switch
• All of the nuts and bolts (where applicable) are also replaced and can be had in a variety of colours.
• We then refurbish the original speaker connectors and add gold plated banana jack connectors for ease of use with modern speaker cables

Changes on the exterior are more than just cosmetic.

• The original tag board is stripped of its components and then sonically cleaned along with the wiring looms

Once that has been cleaned and dried out:

• We replace all of the original components with modern equivalents and can upgrade these to silver mica and present day paper in oil capacitors

The end result is a fully restored amplifier with a newer lease of life than when it left the original Leak factory some sixty years or more years ago!

The bottom line is we simply love what we do. Because of this, all of restorations are lovingly cared for as if they were our own. We take on each and every project aware that the amplifier is front of us will carry a history, a story and therefore will share the opinion that it is well worth the restoration.